About Wittur & Company

Founded in 1959 Wittur & Company has been providing high quality tabletop products to the party rental, catering, banquet hall, hotel, and restaurant industries ever since. All along the focus of the company has been about bringing to market the best available products made from the highest quality materials. Additionally, the company prides itself on going above and beyond for its customers.

Wittur & Company has been family owned and operated since its inception. Now in its second generation of ownership, Mike Price has led Wittur over the past 26 years. Mike joined the company after college and moved to Germany to work hands on in the factories that were producing the company’s products. There he learned the ceramics and glassware industries from the ground up. Upon returning to the U.S. in 1978, Mike began to shift the company’s focus to the hospitality and emerging party rental industries.

Wittur has a highly respected reputation within the party rental business as the longest standing supplier of tabletop products to the industry. The company’s culture has forged much of the respect and created a multitude of relationships from customers to suppliers to associated vendors. The relationships, and the trust and loyalty within them, speak to the integrity of the company and its culture.

New this year, are over a hundred products, including new porcelain dinner, flatware, and glassware. The dinnerware includes a new restaurant weight pattern, Bristol, as well as a more competitively priced white square pattern, Elite, along with many more. In flatware, there are twelve new 18/0 patterns which are all an exceptional value.  The new glassware is non-tempered to give the budget conscience buyer a different option. That is not all, there are many more new items in the pages of this catalog.